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Our Storage Warehouse

Moving means storage. If you’re moving far away, you may need to store your belongings temporarily until you get established in your new location. If you’re moving to a smaller place, you may need to store your belongings for the long term, until you get more room. As such, we offer storage options for our residential and commercial clients in addition to our moving services. Our residential and commercial storage in Pocasset, MA has over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space and can accommodate just about anything you need to store.

All of your household goods, furniture, or office assets are stored inside of a sturdy 7-foot by 7-foot by 5-foot wooden storage crate. This is designed to keep your things safe and secure while in our storage warehouse. For the sake of security, we check every item that is being stored against the inventory to make sure that each individual item is accounted for in our records. We can also check any furniture items to make sure that they are properly wrapped with padding before they are placed into the storage warehouse to protect them from dust and dirt.

We also offer special services for businesses. There are many reasons why businesses would seek to store their items at our commercial storage in Pocasset, MA. Relocating a business, stock overflow during a busy holiday or sales season, renovation projects, and much more. As a full-service commercial moving company and storage facility, we work directly with project managers and office staff to receive, deliver, and store materials for your office or project.

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Portable Storage Units

Colony Moving & Storage operates as a mobile storage company in Massachusetts, providing popular options to help facilitate a move or simply serve as a temporary storage solution. We’ve partnered with two top brands in the moving industry, United Van Lines, and Mayflower, to create a unique solution that gives our clients the best options. We also have the very popular and well-known Go Mini’s Containers as our second mobile option for portable self-storage.

The smooth and sturdy walls are designed to reduce scratches and nicks on valuable furniture and, of course, the rugged, weatherproof steel framing and construction works to protect your belongings.

For more information about our Portable Self Storage Units, please visit

How to Choose the Right Moving Container for You

Each unit is recommended for different amounts of time. When you have determined the right size for you, give us a call. We deliver portable storage unit right to your home or business. Once the storage container is at your location, you can take as much time as you need to load it up with your belongings. When you’re ready, give us a call and we’ll pick up the unit and bring it back to your storage location or your new property.

The 12-foot Go Mini’s® moving container is great for people who only need to move a couple of rooms’ worth of belongings. Some examples might be:

  • Moving from a small apartment to another
  • Moving out of a dorm room to your own home or apartment
  • Moving from a small home into a larger space

The 16-foot Go Mini’s® moving container is big enough to fill with three to four rooms’ worth of items. This container would be ideal for:

  • Moving from a large apartment to another apartment or small home
  • Moving your business from one location to another

The 20-foot Go Mini’s® container typically holds five to six rooms’ worth of items and is ideal for:

  • Moving larger homes
  • Moving larger apartments
  • Moving large displays to exhibitions or conferences

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