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Storage Containers in Massachusetts

Do you have a lot of holiday decorations? Whether you are a homeowner who loves to celebrate the seasons or a business that uses decorations and special displays around the holiday season, chances are your biggest challenge is finding a place to store all of your decorative items during the rest of the year. There are many advantages associated with using storage solutions provided by local moving companies in Massachusetts.

Colony Moving & Storage has a wide range of options for storage in Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Commercial storage in Massachusetts via traditional warehouse storage, complete with custom crating and options for long and short-term housing, as well as mobile storage containers, which are becoming very popular with both residential and commercial users. You can choose the solution that works best for you, based on your own unique needs and requirements.

Storage: The Old Way

Before there were things like our Go Mini’s storage containers or larger mobile storage containers through United Mayflower, most people would either store their things in an attic, basement, stock room or office supply area. While they are great to have for the month that they are in-use, decorations can quickly get in your way and make maneuvering around the house that much more difficult. Even if you have a place to store them, you could probably benefit from putting something else in that easy-to-access storage and take advantage of residential or commercial storage in Massachusetts for those things you only use for ten percent – or less – of the time each year.

Storage: The Colony Moving & Storage Way

When you choose to take advantage of the options for storage in Barnstable County and the surrounding area through Colony Moving & Storage, you have the choice to use warehouse storage at our 25,000-square-foot facility in Pocasset for residential and commercial storage solutions or you can take advantage of our mobile storage containers. With warehouse storage, we can safeguard your seasonal items on a short or long-term basis, depending on your needs. With mobile storage containers, you can choose to use our Go Mini or the larger United Mayflower portable storage units. These containers can be stored on-site at your location, moved to another location for storage or used to help facilitate a move.

Who Uses Commercial Storage in Massachusetts?

You might be surprised who uses our options for storage. Homeowners use warehouse and mobile storage containers to keep excess furniture, and seasonal items or to store all of their belongings in the middle of a move or during a temporary move out of the area. Companies use warehouse storage for short and long-term storage solutions, warehousing office supplies, parts, products, files, excess furniture, and other things that they don’t need on-site. Companies also use mobile storage containers as overflow storage when they have a surplus at their retail store or manufacturing facility. Parts, raw materials, workstations, equipment, and tools are just some of the things that they store inside.
Moving companies in Bourne, MA such as Colony Moving & Storage, provide a wide range of services. In addition to storage in Barnstable County and beyond, we also provide mobile storage containers throughout Southern New England and can access our moving and storage logistics department to help you use these tools for local, interstate, and international moves to over 200 countries all around the globe. Whatever you need, Colony Moving & Storage can deliver. We have the equipment, the knowledge, the experience, and the manpower to help you achieve your moving and storage goals.

Other Items That Get Stored

When comparing the types of things that homeowners and business owners store inside of mobile storage containers and warehouse storage with moving companies in Bourne, MA, there are a lot of unique options of what can be stored inside of commercial storage in Massachusetts. Decorations, furniture, appliances, computers and other technology, filing cabinets, seasonal sports equipment, all-weather gear, products, parts, materials, production equipment, outdoor furniture, special seasonal displays, seasonal tools and equipment, surplus stock items, seasonal products, office supplies, extra inventory – there is really no end or limit to what you can safely store in mobile or warehouse storage in Barnstable county or anywhere else in Southern New England for that matter.

Call Colony Moving & Storage for Storage Solutions

If you are looking into residential and commercial storage in Massachusetts for residential or business purposes, contact the team at Colony Moving & Storage by calling 1-800-374-0860. We can help you choose the best options for your situation between our Go Mini’s mobile storage containers, United Mayflower portable storage, and warehouse storage facility. Call today and get a FREE estimate on any of our moving and storage services.