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Specialty Moving & Business Relocation

It can be challenging to do a business relocation in Massachusetts. When it comes to moving an office full of computers, equipment, files, furniture, desks, office supplies, and anything else that you use on a daily basis, it pays to utilize custom packing supplies and services through your professional moving companies on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These companies are experienced with what it takes to pack and move a business effectively and efficiently, whether you are a consumer-based retail shop or a business-to-business service provider.

Larger, over-sized items and specialty, high value or sensitive assets can make it even more difficult. Computer equipment, medical or laboratory equipment, dental equipment, over-sized flat panel screens – there are lots of things that can’t just be moved by the average moving company for a business relocation in Massachusetts, no matter how much experience they’ve got. You need reassurances that the company you choose to move your business can handle your specialty moving needs.

The Best Company for the Job

As you start looking around at moving companies on Cape Cod, make sure to ask the hard questions and find out whether or not the company is equipped to handle your unique needs for handling, packing supplies and services. Whether you are doing a business relocation in Cape Cod that will keep you in the New England area or if you are moving to another state or country, make sure that the movers can see you through to your destination with the level of moving logistics and care that you require.

At Colony Moving & Storage, we understand the importance of specialty moving services and business relocation in MA. When your company and reputation is on the line, you can count on our team to effectively and efficiently relocate your assets to the new location to prevent extended downtime. We are experienced in dealing with commercial moving and the pitfalls that can occur during a major business move, so you can count on Colony Moving & Storage to be a part of your team and provide you with professional moving company services.

Get References & Meet With an Agent

If you are working with moving companies on Cape Cod that want to just give you a quote over the phone and refuse to meet with you in person, that should set off a signal that you might want to keep looking for solutions. An agent should always come to your location, especially with a commercial and specialty moving situation, to take a look at what will need to be moved so they can make a game plan. They should also want to see the new location so they can make any plans or allowances for elevators, stairs, loading, and moving situations.

Ask your moving company for referrals from other business relocations in MA that they have done. Then, make sure to actually call them to find out about their experience. Most managers and owners will be glad to talk with you about their moving and can sometimes even extend advice to you about how to maximize the potential of doing a business relocation in Cape Cod and the surrounding area. Ask about specialty moving situations, any obstacles that were overcome, and how they handled them, as well as about packing supplies and services.

The Unigroup/United Van Lines Advantage

Colony Moving & Storage is an authorized agent for United Van Lines. As a result, there are many advantages to working with such a well-connected company for your business relocation in MA. Colony Moving & Storage through United Van Lines also works with UniGroup Logistics, which provides logistical moving services for business relocations all over the globe. We can assist with a business relocation in MA, anywhere in North America, and in over 200 countries. Whatever you need to be moved – and wherever you need to go – Colony Moving & Storage has the experience, the equipment, the connections, and the know-how to make it happen.

For our clients who require specialty moving services for high-value, sensitive and oversized assets, we have specialized moving equipment, competitive industry pricing, on-site installations, custom crating and uncrating services, commercial packing supplies and services, and a fleet of top-quality trucks to protect everything during transportation. Colony Moving & Storage is the company to call when you need to do a business relocation in Cape Cod or anywhere else that your work might take you.

Call Colony Moving & Storage for Commercial Moving Logistics

If you are planning a business relocation in MA and are interested in learning more about our professional series of global moving services for commercial clients, give us a call at 1-800-374-0860. Our team of highly trained and experienced moving logistics specialists can help you navigate the details and create a finely tuned plan that includes packing supplies and services, specialty moving for high-value or sensitive equipment, and anything else that you might need. Call today for a FREE estimate from one of the top moving companies in Cape Cod.