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Planning a Move in Massachusetts – Why You Should Hire Movers

When it comes time to start planning a move, whether you are staying locally in the same town or moving to another city or state, you often have a lot of stress. More than anything else, it’s the fear of the unknown and how it will all work out. One way to overcome this fear is to hire a reputable team of residential moving and storage experts to take care of the details for you.

Out of all the moving companies in Massachusetts and the surrounding area, Colony Moving & Storage stands as a clear choice for residential and commercial clients alike. With many years of experience and an association with United Van Lines, Colony has all of the tools, equipment, and connections to facilitate a move here in New England or anywhere around the globe.

Moving on a Budget?

A lot of people think that the best way to move when you are on a budget is to get moving truck rentals and do the whole thing by yourself. However, there are many aspects associated with hiring a professional residential moving company that can make it worth the investment and, in some situations, actually save you time and money. You might think that planning a move in Pocasset, MA with professional movers is out of your league, but here are seven reasons that will perhaps make you reconsider:

  • Time – When you are moving everything you own from one location to another, time can be very important. Professional residential moving and storage companies get the job done in a fraction of the amount of time that it would take the average person to pack up, load up and move. They are effective and they are efficient.
  • Prompt – Planning a move in Pocasset, MA with a residential moving company means knowing when they are going to show up and when the work will be complete. If you ask friends and family to help you plan a move, you could be stuck waiting hours for everyone to get there and pitch in with the work.
  • Safety – You won’t need to worry about the safety of the movers at the moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts because they are professionals. These guys are trained to do this work, so they are experienced in moving things safely to avoid injury and to avoid breaking any of your belongings.
  • Security – However, if something were to go wrong and your things were broken, most residential moving and storage companies have insurance options that you can purchase ahead of time to cover the value of your things. Colony Moving & Storage is licensed and insured to provide our customers with top quality services they can feel good about.
  • Transportation – One of the best parts of hiring a residential moving and storage company is that they take care of transporting your things from point A to point B and all you need to do is follow or make your own way in your personal vehicle. No worrying about driving that big old rental truck or figuring out where to park to unload.
  • Tools – When you hire moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts like Colony Movers, know that they bring all of the tools to make the move go smoother. Hand tools to take apart beds and modular units, as well as hand carts and appliance dollies to move your big and heavy furniture – it’s all taken care of by the pros.
  • Hospitality – If you ask your friends to come move you, you know that means buying some pizza, burgers, and drinks throughout the day. In some cases, that can add up to what it would cost to hire professionals when planning a move in Pocasset, MA. You might want to have some water bottles on hand to offer the movers, but you won’t have to feed them or hear them complain all day that someone ate the last doughnut.

Call Colony Moving & Storage for a Free Estimate

If you are in need of residential moving and storage services in the Southern New England area, contact Colony Moving & Storage to learn more about how our services can help you when planning a move in Pocasset, MA or the surrounding region. Call us today at 1-800-374-0860 and one of our team members will come to your home to provide you with a FREE estimate from our residential moving company. With over 75 years of experience in our company name, Colony Moving & Storage can provide you with all of the residential moving and storage services you require to help you with your move.