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Understanding Moving Protection

Whether moving across town or to another continent, we are here to get your property where it needs to be safely and on schedule. Our team understands the anxiety of moving your valuable assets and personal belongings to a new location but rest assured, we will ensure your property remains protected throughout the duration of your move.

Colony Moving & Storage offers the most comprehensive moving protection available in the region and beyond. When you trust us with your relocation, our moving experts go above and beyond to treat your belongings with the utmost care. We value our clients, which is why we include extra liability protection with every moving service. Learn more about our moving protection and gain the ultimate peace of mind for your next moving project.

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Colony Moving & Storage’s Full Value Protection Plan

We always adhere to the highest industry standards, but we want our clients to feel confident knowing their property is covered in the unfortunate event a loss or damage occurs. If an accident or unforeseen loss happens to one or more of your belongings during the move, Colony Moving & Storage’s standard Full Value Protection plan will cover the expenses up to a minimum amount you declare and assist in the claims process. We’ll make things right! Your property will be eligible for repair or replacement in accordance with certain limits and important conditions. Explore our moving protection options and get started today.

What Are My Options?

When things go wrong, take comfort in knowing we always have your back.

At Colony Moving & Storage, we provide the following liability coverage to choose from:

Local Moves

This option provides the minimum coverage, and it comes free of charge. If your property is damaged or lost, the maximum liability to you under this option is 60 cents per pound per article. You will be entitled to recover the lesser of the decrease in value of the item lost or destroyed, or 60 cents multiplied by the weight of the lost or damaged article.

This option is offered for an additional fee and allows you to declare a lump sum value for the entire shipment, subject to a minimum of $1.25 per pound multiplied by the weight of your shipment. You may declare a higher amount but no less. This amount will be our maximum liability to you. If a claim is filed, each damaged or lost item will be reasonably repaired or replaced, or we will offer a cash settlement according to its depreciated value.

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Interstate Moves

In the event of unforeseen loss or damage during your move, United includes its basic Full Value Protection option in every initial moving quote. What does this mean for you?

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